Norwegian classes for adult immigrants

Newly arrived immigrants at the age of 16 - 55, possessing a residence and work permit, are entitled to, and must undergo 250 hours of Norwegian tuition and 50 hours of social studies, learning about Norwegian society. In addition it is possible to apply for up to 2700 Norwegian lessons.

Immigrants between 55 and 65 have a right but not a duty to take part in the tuition.

You must have at least 300 hours of Norwegian lessons if you want to get a settlement permit in Norway.

Some people get free Norwegian classes and some people have to pay for them.
Refugees and family-reunited possessing a residence permit receive free tuition.

Foreign jobseekers must pay for the Norwegian classes.

For further information please contact Osterøy Vaksenopplæring

Head Master: Linda Judith Svidal Nordås
tlf. 56 19 27 52/53
fax 56 19 21 01

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