Nursery schools and education

Osterøy municipality has 6 public and two private nursery schools. We have 8 public primary schools and one central secondary school. In addition we also have a private primary school based on the Montessori method and a Christian secondary school.

Nursery schools
The main admission period for nursery schools is coordinated and takes place in April/May. You can also apply throughout the year and admission runs consecutively whenever there is vacancy.

The same application form is used for both municipal and private nursery schools. The application form is in Norwegian.

Applications are Internet-based and you can find the application forms by clicking Apply for admission to nursery schools.
Please feel free to contact Osterøy municipality's service office for further information. Phone number: 56192100 or e-mail:

You can find information about the different nursery schools and schools in the links in the menu to the right. This information, however, is not translated into English, but the contact information will help you get in touch with the nursery school or school relevant to you.

School day-care (SFO) is offered to all children from 1st. to 4th.class. For further information, please contact the school relevant to you.
For questions regarding financial assistance such as child support, family allowance, maternity leave, parental and child benefits, careers leave and benefits, benefits for single parents - please contact NAV - (The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service)

You will find contact information about NAV Osterøy here.

The Ministry of Education and Research can give you more information about the Norwegian Education System and Nursery schools.

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